Improve your Dutch by walking

Why Walking and Talking?

With Walking and Talking, you learn and practice the Dutch language in a non-fail environment. No classrooms, no obligations, just real talks. Exactly how we do it in real life.

For whom is it?

For everyone who wants to improve their Dutch! Living here for 6 weeks or 6 years, it doesn´t matter. The only important thing is that you can already speak a bit of Dutch, A1 level or higher.

What do we do?

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are walking for about one and a half hours with a group of internationals, and we are talking only in Dutch. There are always one or more native speakers, and you will have the opportunity to speak with them as well.

‘Fresh air, nice people and a good mood’.

Improve your Dutch

Do you want to improve your Dutch, especially the speaking part? Join our Walking and Talking club! Walking and Talking is for all people who want to improve their Dutch and like to explore the city of Rotterdam by walk.


Break the barriers of speaking the Dutch language

We want to break the barrier of speaking the Dutch language. Nearly 90% of all Dutchies speak English fluently, which makes the life of newcomers easier. But if you want to integrate, if you are willing to speak the local language, you need a place where you can practice the Dutch language. That is why we organize this community, our speaking club where you can learn in a friendly, healthy and fun way.

Practice the Dutch language & meet new people in Rotterdam

With Walking & Talking, you explore the city of Rotterdam by walk and practice the language. You will meet new people who all want to speak better Dutch. At least one Dutch volunteer always walks along and helps you and others to use the correct words and sentences. This way, you practice Dutch efficiently and in a fun way!


What is in for you?

The 5 top points of Walking & Talking:

  • Speak better Dutch

    You practice your speaking skills by having conversations with others in Dutch. Like in real life!

  • It's healthy

    Fresh air, nice walking activity instead of Netflix series on Monday evening. By being active, you will be energized for the rest of the week!

  • Get to know the community

    Get to know people. You will meet new people and make nice contacts.

  • Expand your knowledge of Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is very scenic. It is a pleasure to walk in the city and explore it. Every week we make a new route. We are happy as well to share all tips and tricks of what the city has to offer.

  • It's always fun

    During the walk, you will change your speaking partners several times. In this way you have the opportunity to have multiple conversations, talk to different people, plus we have a new topic every week.

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