Let's walk, talk, learn and have fun!

Our goal is to break the barrier of speaking the Dutch language. Nearly 90% of all Dutchies speak English fluently, which makes the life of newcomers easier. But if you want to integrate, if you are willing to speak the local language, you need a place where you can practice the Dutch language. That is why we organize this community, our speaking club where you can learn in a friendly, healthy and fun way.


Walking & Talking is founded in Rotterdam. Maria Nikolaeva and Annelies Maris started this initiative in September 2019.

They have established Foundation Walking & Talking to professionalize this initiative and increase their impact.


Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Our goal is to contribute to:
(a) the integration and equality of opportunities of non-native adult speakers and (b) the connection between non-native and Dutch speakers.


Initiators of Walking and Talking

Walking and Talking is the initiative of Masha Neeteson-Nikolaeva and Annelies Maris.

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Masha Neeteson-Nikolaeva

Maria is a traveller, engineer, volunteer, movies maker, plant's fanatic and yoga in hammocks fan.

"Originally, I am from Moscow, Russia, where I was the head of the civil engineering team. When I have moved to the Netherlands, I made a transition in my career. Now you can find me in Accent Avondschool, teaching English, or making the best sandwiches in the city at Broodje Bewust, or helping in Venture Cafe and, of course, walking and talking for our project.

For me Walking and Talking is not just the project to work on. I am part of the community. Being international newcomer myself, I truly understand our issues and challenges. We are learning from each other every week. We share our happy moments, tips and tricks about the city and our new country, or problems we handle. We are all looking for our new way, and I feel how we are getting there by Walking and Talking."


Annelies Maris

Annelies is Dutch, marketing-minded, a teacher, swimmer, pancake-lover and has a great heart to contribute to people and society.

"For seven years, I was jointly responsible for the development and management of Erasmus Education. A company in the education sector.

Three years ago, I also started as a volunteer to help foreigners with the Dutch language.
In the years of the Bachelor Communication, working at a Communication Agency and Erasmus Education, I was co-initiator of several projects, like a home restaurant to contribute to social cohesion.

Walking and Talking combines a few loves for me: contribute to people's life, being outside and have honest conversations. Less phone time, more joined time! Proud to be co-creator of this movement."

Do you want to join our team, walk with us and help people to improve their Dutch? Awesome! Please, contact us and let's make it happen together!

Do you have a good heart and want to help us to grow? We appreciate that, do not hesitate to contact us for the partnership.

Do you want to walk along, improve your Dutch and expand your network and knowledge about the city? You are welcome! Join us on Facebook and let's walk and talk every Monday evening!