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The best speaking class in Rotterdam

When you are learning the Dutch language, it is essential to have a place where you can practise the speaking part. With us, you practise it for 1,5 hours. No classroom, no stress being asked by a teacher, just real talks, and walking through Rotterdam.

It is the best way to practice the Dutch language. With Walking and Talking, you learn the language in a friendly, healthy and fun way.


Connect with other expats and foreigners

Coming together is important. You can exchange tips about living in the Netherlands, making good conversations and having lots of fun. And you can exchange experiences. About the terrible weather, for example ;).

Our community is various, large and open to everyone who wishes to practice Dutch. Please, feel welcome to join at any time.


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To walk with us, you have to join our community on Facebook.
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  • you will find tips & tricks to learn the Dutch language
  • you will see photo's of our walks
  • you can join extra activities and events we organise

Next to our walks and talks, we hold the evenings with games, tours to our cities, Christmas drinks and other activities. Check it out!


Speak better Dutch

You practice your speaking skills by having conversations with others in Dutch. Like in real life!


Fresh air, nice walking activity instead of Netflix series on Monday evening. By being active, you will be energized for the rest of the week!

Explore the city Rotterdam

Rotterdam is very scenic. It is a pleasure to walk in the city and explore it. Every week we make a new route. We are happy as well to share all tips and tricks of what the city has to offer.

Sounds great, right? Would you like to walk along?

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